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Super Monkey Go Happy Xmas Adventure

Super Monkey Go Happy Xmas Adventure


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Super Monkey Go Happy Xmas Adventure Description

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Hello. Hi. It’s me. Hey. Bad timing? We’re in the middle of it, but we’re getting close. What’s going on? Those security people haven’t shown up yet, neither have the police to dust for prints. Did you call? Yeah. All I get is the runaround. Great. I’ll tell you what. Here’s what you do. Call the police. Ask to talk to those cops from last night. Those guys can help, OK? OK. I’ll try. I’ll be home soon. You all right? You sure? I love you. Bye. Michael, this guy’s good. I’m being grilled here. Michael, this area’s high-crime. So you get people in. How do you keep the bad element out? I’m into that as we speak. I’m working on security right now. Michael, you remember Officer Davis? Oh, yeah. How you doing? I didn’t recognize you out of uniform. You did all this? It’s no big deal. It is. We appreciate it. It’s the least I could do. Mrs. Carr called my captain and said nice things about me and my partner. Usually people call to . It was nice. I’m grateful. Can I get you something? Sure. That would be great. Great. Thanks. There’s going to be contact switches on every point of entry. A breeze won’t get into this house without you knowing it. Here you’ll have an infrared motion detector. This right here will be tripped if anybody breaks the glass. Hey, what’s he doing in the bathroom here? It’s Games it’s just an extra precaution. It’s a safe room. These old houses are great because the doors are like solid rock! We put a heavy dead bolt on each entrance here. In case there’s an intruder, you lock yourself in and wait for the cavalry, which is us. You just have to pick out a code word now. It’s got to be seven letters. Pyramid. Pyramid? This is the Michael Carr residence, and the code word’s going to be “pyramid.” Right. OK. Thank you. That’s it. Oh, yeah. cubes, horses. Jesus. You do the work yourself? Every nut and bolt. Installed the alarm. Relaxes me. That is nice, really nice. Thanks. You got a knack for this security stuff. Did you ever think about consulting as a sideline? Consulting? Yeah. Homes, businesses.

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