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Super Naughty Sweet Pool Party

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  • Super Naughty Sweet Pool Party

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    That’s what you’re still saying. l’m Right! Kalicharan! You’re so cute! Krishna, you really got us scared. But that was a nice prank. Boys and girls, camping continues! Krishna, you also join the group! Just imagine! C’mon! C’mon! Come From where are you getting a flower of a new colour every time, Krishna? From the rainbow. The rainbow? Yes Look Wow Krishna! lt’s such a beautiful sight Had l not come here, l’d really have regretted it So would l l’ve never seen such a lovely place. lt’s so beautiful. So pure, so serene, so quiet You should see this place in autumn. lt’s a riot of colours When the sunrays touch the fallen leaves, everything turns to gold lt’s so beautiful Makes you realise what a great artist God really is Krishna, you speak English? And with such fluency? Grandma taught me. She’s my school, my college and my university But you need talent to learn anything, Krishna And you possess amazing talent. You’re amazing! You shouldn’t be wasting your talent in this remote village You ought to get out of here.

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