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Super Old Grave Part I Adventure

Super Old Grave Part I Adventure


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Super Old Grave Part I Adventure Description

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Take the chip and give me the card for the number. You know how to hide it? Yeah, I’m used to it. Thanks. Daddy? Can you open the door? You’re still in your pajamas? This isn’t serious. You’re still half-asleep. This is a nice big hug. Hurry up and get dressed. I’m taking you to school. You still know where it is? Can I come in while she gets dressed? I brought croissants. Four minutes. It’s cooking. I said I’m not hungry. Please, let me. I’ve said it before, stop acting nice. Stop it, please. Is it serious? I don’t know. It’s complicated. What came over you? You know what people call me now? It’s only rumors. For others, perhaps. Do you love her? Yes. You know she’ll forget about you once she’s out? You know that? I don’t think so. Oh really? What will you do? Found a family? Tell me, it interests me. What are your plans? Open a pizzeria together? I don’t know. I’d like to start painting again. You’re ridiculous with your painting. You’ve never been a painter. You’re not an artist. I’ve had it with your stupid complex.

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