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Super Paint World Adventure

Super Paint World Adventure


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Super Paint World Adventure Description

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will you tell my ma I said hello? I ain’t going to heaven, Bobby. But I’ll sure be glad to say hello to your daddy. Mr. Davis? Hey, that mosquito gag was great. Hey, Bud, where’s Tina? Jesus, you almost made me zap the third row. Cheryl said she was up here with you. Well, she’s looking for Davis. Check backstage. Hey, you’ll need this. Thanks. Sauté the sucker! Fry him! Fry him! Make mine medium rare! Fry him! Fry him! All right, kids, here comes Dr. zap. Any last words? See you later. And away we go. Bingg! Boop! Attention, hemorrhoid sufferers… You, sir, have just received the Ted Bundy award. Yes! Ah, this is fun. I like doing this. Boo! Bud needs you. And by the way, so do I. Your lip, it’s peeling. Nerves. How about a quickie right here with just that little screen between us and public exposure? Everybody always wonders how I get those straight as. I keep telling them I do lots of extra credit assignments. My god, he’s still breathing. Mm! What can we do? Get Washington on the line. Pronto. I don’t see him. Shoot I see you. Wow, Maggie. Maggie, check this out. Tina, you scared me. Are you okay? Mm-hmm. Shh. Audience. Right, um, what are you doing up here? Securing the mosquito. Hey, listen, did you see anybody come into the box office after I left? Mr. Davis. Where’d he go? He just left. Damn it. Well, maybe I could still catch him. Tina should start eating better. She looks like . Bye. How’s the movie? Too scary for me. I need some popcorn to calm me down. Thank god it’s not fattening. And a Milky Way, too, please. Joannie! Cheryl! I am not having any butter on my popcorn and you can get me a diet Pepsi so it all balances out in the end. Yeah, that’s exactly where it’s gonna balance out… in your end. He must be able to change his appearances. Who? What? Mark! Now we’re gonna have to walk all the way around the building. . Yeah, who did you say could change his appearances? Gates. I saw him buy a ticket. But Tina just said it was Davis who came into the box office. Now, she wouldn’t have let Gates in unless she thought he was somebody else, somebody that she knew.

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