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Super Strong Kungfu Panda

Super Strong Kungfu Panda


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Super Strong Kungfu Panda Description

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Do you remember the black pig that lived near the outhouse? Toya. Toya! She remembers Toya! This is all so sad. Don’t be sad! Hye-ji, Hye-ji! Ma’am, where’s Hye-ji? Hye-ji, I waited so long for you to return! Weren’t you shocked at the sight of this house? Just sell it… Stop it! She’s just arrived! Don’t bring the house up! Just drink up and leave. Don’t be like that. Here, drink this. Ma’am… Let’s all drink together! Cheers! Cheers! Oh! Are you pooping? You should have woken me up. Let’s buy a toilet tomorrow morning! I washed your clothes, so just wear that. Let’s go someplace after having breakfast. In these clothes? You look great! What do you think of this one? This comforter is thinner. I’ll pack this one. It’s for my granddaughter. She doesn’t like it. Try this. This one’s pretty. You look like a doll! You like it? The guy didn’t die, but the motel owner wants money. Money? Or he’ll tell the police. Chul-heon and Chung-hee are trying to frame you. So, just stay there. I’m out of coins. Call me again!

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