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Super Strong Tooth Sammy

Super Strong Tooth Sammy


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Super Strong Tooth Sammy Description

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I’m not Maggie Butler. Suzanne’s not my mother, she’s my aunt. My mother’s name was Gloria. My father killed her the night that he showed “Possessor”. He tried to kill me, too, but Suzanne stopped it. She shot him and she saved me and I don’t know, somehow we got away. She changed our names and our identities to protect me. From Gates? Well, his body was never found, so nobody could ever prove that he was dead. She never knew when he’d come back. Now he’s here. Why, Maggie? To finish the film. And to kill me. God, Toby. My brain is just, like, reeling. Hey. Hey. Hey, I’m here for you, Maggie, all the way. Come on. Let’s get the lights turned on, huh? We gotta call the police. Okay, but let’s do this first, huh? Well, down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole? And into wonderland. That’s a little humor there. It’s the only way to get to the circuit breakers. Whoa! Toby! Are you all right? Toby! Toby! Toby, where are you? Toby? Mr. Davis! Mr. Davis? Toby? Sarah. Tina? Tina, is… is that you? Tina! Sarah. Oh! Stop! Stop. Please. Stop, please! Welcome home. On Pocomania Day Oooh Oooh ooh… Okay, we got our lights back on. Let’s get on with the show! Whoo! Who are you? I’m Toby. Or… or nearly Toby. You’ll have to forgive the… Sloppy craftsmanship. Actually, it takes hours every morning to prepare the perfect Toby for the world to see. In truth, I’ve perfected the quick transition from face to face. Of course, I have to borrow their faces to do it. You might say I’m “multidentical”. Now, with a little nip here and a little tuck there I become “multi ual”. Nothing new about that, huh? And as you’ve heard with the help of electronic voice harmonics, I become Tina, the class bimbo. I can look like anybody I want to. It’s one of the few advantages of not having a face. Then you’re not… Your father? No. Lanyard Gates is dead. Died in the fire years ago. If you’re Toby, why are you… Why am I going to kill you? Is that your question? Why are you doing this? Oh! Good question. Same answer, actually. See, I was caught

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