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Super Vegetables House Escape

Super Vegetables House Escape


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Super Vegetables House Escape Description

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Ha ha ha. Ling: I’ll get back to you. That was the Bay Street Youth Center. They wanted to know how many tickets we’d need for Ivy’s all-city gymnastics meet. Reminded me that it starts at : on the th. I was going to tell you. You let Andrew miss Ana Yee’s wedding because he had a kung fu tournament. There weren’t people flying in from all over the States for Ana Yee’s wedding. The groom didn’t even want to go. Andrew. So I’m going to miss the meet? Your dad and I will talk about this later. She should have told us. She knew we wouldn’t have let her go. Of course she can’t go. Everyone has rearranged their schedules to get here. People took time off, bought plane tickets. I know. And it doesn’t look good if our eldest daughter couldn’t be bothered to show up. She’s coming to the dinner. [sigh] Ivy just doesn’t realize how important a family is. I mean, law school would be impossible if my parents weren’t helping us out every single day. We tell her over and over again how important family is. Seems like it’s in one ear, out the other with her. But if we make her miss the meet, though, she’ll [Chinese word]. I can definitely see her sulking through the eight courses. If we force this down her throat, she might end up resenting the entire family. You’re right. But we can’t just let her skip out on Chinese New Year’s. I want her at the dinner, too. I just… [sigh] I just want her to want to be there. We’ve talked it over, and we’re going to let you decide. You’re letting me decide? We both think you’re mature enough to make the right decision. For the family. I need to think about it. Nice. Hold your core. Let’s see the walkover, Ivy. Kick harder. Push out of both shoulders. Yeah. Coach Gloria? Is there practice tomorrow? Of course. It’s the last Saturday before all-city. But don’t sweat it. I know you have family obligations. See you, Mom. Don’t want to be late for Chinese school. Let’s go, Andrew. Ivy? I’ll meet you at school. Ivy. [sigh] Don’t tell Mom. Oh, I’m so doing the opposite of that. Come on, Andrew. What if you had a big kung fu tournament? Wouldn’t you want to practice and practice until you were, I don’t know, perfect? Wouldn’t you want to win? Or would you give it up before you even tried? Don’t drag me into this. Good job today, tumblers. See you Monday. Go, Ivy, go. Whoo-hoo! I like that cheer. I’ll be yelling it at all-city, uh, if you decide to go. Oh. I guess you wouldn’t be coming to our family dinner if I’m not going. What about your plans for Tracy and your dad? Maybe I can time it so Tracy takes out the trash next time Dad comes to pick me up. I don’t know. Oh. Hey, no big deal. I’m talking spilled milk on a white carpet small. As far as I know, they’ll see each other and argue again. MR. ROGERS: It is a good feeling to know that we’re friends. And you know I like you just the way you are. I’ll be back tomorrow. Marilyn: How was Chinese school? Hi, Mom. [giggling] Ha ha! You’re in trouble. Thanks, Andrew. Mrs. Lu called. She wanted to know if you knew what the homework assignment was. Tomorrow you’ll help your grandparents

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