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Super Zombie Die Adventure

Super Zombie Die Adventure


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Super Zombie Die Adventure Description

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Don’t you want to say something to Kat? I so wished, that everything goes well for you. Perhaps you should go back to Visible? Why? Because it’s your home. Yes, but I won’t go back. Okay. How long do you still want to hide? No idea. Until those two get along again. But maybe they need you for that? They don’t need me. They’re so busy with themselves that they don’t even miss me anymore. Do you remember what I told you about the house with the rooms? That I can lockup things in it. Precisely. And what else? That you may not throw the key away. And why? Because one day you might find, That it leads to much nicer part of the house, Only goes through this one room. Do you like to talk (about it)? Where is Dianne? Don’t you first want to tell … Her things aren’t there. Where is she? She moved out shortly after you. And where to? She didn’t tell me. Glass. What happened? Phil. This isn’t the right moment … Mum. Please. It’s hard to understand. Believe me. Just try. I’m here. I’m not running away. All right then. You know the folios, in the library. Those big books with the pressed plants. It was some time ago. That page. What was on it? With belladonna poison, women used to make themselves more attractive. With poison? Hey! In small quantities, In small quantities, the poison dilates the pupils and makes the eyes more beautiful. And that makes them attractive? Yes, if you have nothing else to offer. And what they have did with their Attractiveness, they then used the poison in higher dosages … BAM!- … to get rid of. What does that mean? Uh … Come on, let’s go. Dianne! Hey! Glass told me, you moved out. Where do you live now? At Cora’s. She also helps me with maths. You know. Right. There’s also still room at Teresa’s. Or if you need something from home, I can bring it to you. Thanks. There wasn’t an accident back then. No? It was planned. Why? Phil, it’s been ages. Dianne, what happened? You know, don’t you. Glass has always chased everyone out. With her actions and her personality. And every time we were alone again. At one point I reconciled myself with it. But then Kyle came. He liked us, and we liked him. And suddenly it came back: The hope that … that we … Oh God, that sounds like … … that we still could be a real family. And then she drove him out again. And I was so … … SO angry. I wish I had a different mother. And then I thought … When she would give us the name of our father, then … … she didn’t deserve another child. Mom almost died. And I was to blame. I decided to keep it to myself. Forever. At times I could forget it, but … Every time she stood at in the garden before it’s grave, Everything came back. And when I was gone, Did you want that stuff … No. I never wanted to tell her. I first have to come to terms with it myself, but … About a year ago I … met someone. Jan? How do you know? I found the letters in your room. But why didn’t you tell me? No idea it was … still fresh. Something special, fragile. Jan was a good thing for me. He understood me and could handle my anger. Everything flew through the neighborhood.

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