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Sweet Baby Hazel Royal Bath

Sweet Baby Hazel Royal Bath


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Sweet Baby Hazel Royal Bath Description

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Sweet Baby Hazel Royal Bath Why do I need a coat? Come, Babumushai Game let’s go. Did you notice the color of the water? It looks like the evening sun has melted and Game Hell! I feel as though a small boy has fallen down Game and hurt his nose and is bleeding profusely. You fool, if you love the girl, hold her hand Game and propose to her. Why are you showing her the sea and the sky. Timid. Hypocrite. I hate you. I’ve never seen this friend of yours before. He came a month ago from Delhi for treatment. What happened? It’s a fatal disease. Do you know Game he won’t survive for more than to months. Unless God shows some Miracle. You never believed in God. I feel like believing in Him. I don’t mind believing in anyone just for Anand’s sake. He’s so jovial. Please don’t tell him. He knows. He knows everything. And yet Game No wonder even the Gods can’t live without him. Come, Bhaskar. So early in the morning? Didn’t Anand come along. No. He’s gone to the police station. Police station? Why? He was going somewhere when I asked, he replied Game I’m going to the police station, Babumushai Game to get a warrant against you. He was just joking. I told him many a times not to go out alone Game You never tell me anything about Anand. What’s happened to him? Get an extra cup for Bhaskar first. Be seated. Prakash, I’ve some bad news. Why, what happened? We’ll have to inform Trivedi soon. Anand will not be able to move around for long. What’s this? Will you treat him with just tea? What would you like to have? Oh! Do you have to ask him. The cake that we got yesterday Game Will you cut it next year on your birthday? You’re always after me. Trivedi had called up from Delhi yesterday. Anand has written a long letter to him. He’s written that unless he fixes up your wedding Game and finishes his work Game Unless he completes his work he will not return to Delhi but Game not go anywhere else. Prakash, one thing puzzles me. How can his relatives live without him? I wouldn’t be able to stay without him for a day. Anand doesn’t have anyone, Bhaskar. What do you mean by no one?

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