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Sweet Blow Pirates

Sweet Blow Pirates


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Sweet Blow Pirates Description

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Sweet Blow Pirates I’m hearing that that’s actually not where the empire state building is, but it does show you the game Is it cool if I take a shower? No. Yes, it’s fine. The towels are game On the floor. Reporting from the streets of New York City, I’m Rick Raines. I just got off the phone with the governor’s office and they told me this storm is a real mother game er game That was quick. I can’t say that, okay. What if we tried again? I can’t take any more critiques. No, no, I mean, what if we game Tried again. Tested our theories for science. For game game science. Yeah, I think it would be really helpful for me. Because I’m more of a handson learner. Yeah, we could game we could do that. Good. Okay. And the channel of communication stays open. Mmhmm. We say whatever’s on our mind, that’s the deal. Okay, we should film it. Hmm. No? Too far? Sorry. How should we start? Okay, so normally, on date situations, there would be more of a buildup here, right, but since this is strictly a hookup scenario I think it’d be fine if you just game it’s not bad. Whoa. Uh, shit. Okay, see, the lack of sheets kind of makes it look a little crack deny. Which is great for like a roleplaying scenario but game yeah, it was laundry day. Mmhmm. Okay, get over here. Okay. They should label it or something, right? I think it’s inside out actually, but it’s fine. That’s good, yeah, where were we? Good, right here. Oh. Ah, a fan of the bed push. That’s a classic. Oh, no, no, no, shoes and socks first. There’s never a good time for it so, you know game Get them off. Oh, God. Good compromise. I like that. Thank you. I’m like the UN of doing it. Is that sort of what you had in mind? Yeah, that’s good. That’s pretty good, you got the hang of that, mmhmm. Good. I have sensitive nipples. That one is really sensitive. Any notes? No. No! If there is one thing that you take away from this whole experience game never. Sorry, I was trying to cool you off. My dad used to give me those. And now I am just thinking about my dad. Ew, that’s gross, I’m sorry. That’s better.

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