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Sweet Braided Buns Time

Sweet Braided Buns Time


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Sweet Braided Buns Time Description

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The man people call as JJ in Warangal. Brother! Why have you fallen at my feet? Nobody planned and sent you to kill me, right? What’s this, bhai? l’m shivering his name. Do you know who JJ is? Only one man to stand against the atrocities of Rudra Reddy is Janakiramaiah, JJ went to jail after killing Rudra Reddy’s rogue elder son, and that day he came out ofjail. Come Janakiramaiah, l’ve been waiting for this day for year to kill you, where were you hiding all these days fearing me? They’re not your children to hide in fear, they’re my children. l think they’re here to see your death. lt seems he’ll kill you, father, kill that bastard. Rudra Reddy’s son who begged for life from JJ, and went away, nobody knows where is he till today. Don’t tell you came to me, if they know it, l’ll be dead. Small favour, brother. l’m no more friend of Balaraju, if he calls me, l’ll behead him. You don’t worry, Subbu. What happened to him? Who is he to threaten us? You come out of the sheets first, if you cover face it means covering our history. Look into my eyes, can’t you see a lion in me? l see fox. l’ve done operations with right hand. Can’t l kill one man with my left hand? lf you can kill for your nephew, they’ll kill for their sister. There are idiots. lf he knows hooliganism, l know to play politics, if he’s famous in Warangal, l’m famous all over the state. What does he think? l had knocked out a bear with one hand. Why don’t you tell him? Yes, he used to eat like gargantuan. You know that? l told you to tell about my bravery, why do you tell about food? Arrange a meeting with them, l’ll fix them. l didn’t know we are also brave people till you said that. They should fear us, why are you on bed fearing them? l’ll show them what fear is and give them a taste of it, come. Why fatigues as if going to war? Just to show our power. l’ve called Home Minister to show our reach. Uncle, they’re here. You said goons, l expected them with guns but they’re here with roses. They’ll appear soft like roses but later hiss like snakes. l’ve the snake charmer

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