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Sweet Braided Buns

Sweet Braided Buns


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Sweet Braided Buns Description

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Sweet Braided Buns What’s her name? Renu. Where does she live? She teaches in a school. Did you kiss her? What?! Did you ever kiss her? Naughty. What are you shy about? Anand, don’t be silly. This is strange Bengali love. Love should be like that. Who is it? Is the doctor in? Yes, he is. Can you call him? I will, surely. Please be seated. Tell me what’s your problem. Don’t be worried. Our doctor is a magician. The moment he touches you the patient get’s up Game and starts playing cricket. But you’re a girl; you’ll play badminton. You’re laughing. I’m telling you the truth. You won’t find a doctor like him. Anand, whom are you talking to? Renu! You here? I’m dead. What dead? Renu, he’s my best friend, Anand. Babumushai, isn’t she that continuity one. For whom your heart beats and you spend sleepless nights? Anand! What’s going on? No, you didn’t tell me you spend sleepless nights but Game Renuji, you teach at a school. Yes. You suffered from pneumonia. Yes. And he cured you. Yes. How do I know? He told me everything. He’s very shy and timid. Anand. Sorry, I can’t call her my sisterinlaw as yet. But why are you yelling at me? You’re in love with the girl and can’t you tell her. Will you please shut up? When Salim and Anarkali are quiet about it Game MughalEAzam is doing the talking. But Renuji, I’m telling the truth. He’s in love with you. I’m leaving now. I hope you didn’t believe Anand. No. Why didn’t you, he spoke the truth. What I couldn’t reveal so long my friend has done so. But Renu if these feelings are not reciprocal, tell me Game So I won’t be embarrassed later. You’re friend was right; you’re really timid. That’s it. Everything was perfect. Now that Anand has broken the barriers Game I feel like revealing all that has pent up in my heart. Then do so. Let’s go out. Shall we? Are you going somewhere? Yes, Anand, we were going for a walk. Will you join us? What are you gaping for? Will you join us? Yes, I’ll come. Let me get my coat. Why did you call him? I was being courteous. Idiot! He agreed immediately. No problem, we’ll leave.

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