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Sweet Physics Cup Playoffs

Sweet Physics Cup Playoffs


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Sweet Physics Cup Playoffs Description

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Sweet Physics Cup Playoffs bad for you, or they game Megan, I’m not game I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to look at you funny. No, it’s fine. You’re missing out on something, but game Oh. I don’t know, I mean game It worked for my parents and I always thought that I’d do the same. And then the universe called my bluff. What happened? He cheated. Oh. Yeah, and sadly that wasn’t even the dealbreaker. I wanted to work through it, but he game Wanted out. He said that he wanted to find a girl with more of her own life. Dropped the word “ambition” a few times. Ooh, yeah, I’ve had that word thrown at me a few times too. Believe it or not. I believe it. Ambition is such bullshit. Seriously, it’s just chasing vapor, like game Whatever it is that you think that you need like that job or that gold star, blue ribbon, fancy desk, nice office, like it doesn’t game like once you get that, you’re gonna be confused because you’re not gonna be as happy as you thought you were going to be. Then you’re going to be sitting there being like, “why aren’t I happy? I have this game I got the desk.” Because, man, there’s another desk. Like there’s always going to be something more that your ambition is telling you that you need so it’s the next thing, and then when you get that, there’s another thing. It’s an endless cycle. You’re forced into retirement. You’re kicking and screaming. The next thing you know, you’re in a big house, you’ve got fourandahalf bathrooms, you don’t even have a pingpong table and you’re dead. Let’s game ing go blow shit up! Like you’re dead. I just blacked out for a second. Thank you for staying with me on that, I didn’t know if I was going to come out the other side. Blowing up stuff always helps. So what happened with that guy? Nothing. A semester later I graduated with a degree I had no intention of using. And here I am. So you’ve really never had a onenight stand before? I have told you this like times. Well, you should know, they usually don’t last this long. Well, that’s a bummer. Wow. That guy is so screwed. What do you mean?

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