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Tale Of The Big Time

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  • Tale Of The Big Time

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    silvery glint reflected in a dark puddle. Hey, there’s food here, now. You need to eat something. Come on. You have anybody under that name? No. Yeah, yeah, I’ll take it. Old, empty bed It’s gonna be all right. Springs hard as lead Feel like old Ned Wish I was dead All my life through I’ve been so black and blue I’m white inside But that don’t help my case ‘Cause I can’t hide What is in my face We’re going on a trip. How will it end? Ain’t got a friend You ready? Yeah. My only sin Is in my skin One last drive, then we have to sell this, too. Games to be so black and blue? Okay. Yeah, she just needs some time. Of the artists who have communicated the blues to the more sophisticated Negro and white public Games What the hell does he know about being sophisticated? I think Ethel Waters is the best. In fact, to my mind, Miss Waters is superior to any other woman stage singer of her race. Superior. See how they love to instigate? Set us up against each other? Them’s graveyard words. Don’t worry, honey. No decent colored folk even read that silly magazine. It ain’t for us anyhow. Nigger Heaven. I’m thinking of writing my own book. Cracker Hell. If Vechten is the nigger expert, then I’m damn sure the cracker authority. Come on, Ma. It hurts too much to laugh. Yankee blacks cut you up. Yankee whites trying to cut you down. H J.G. took Junior. And he’s trying to Games And he’s Games Shh. You just take care of you right now. Get your head right. Things never turn out straight. Well, you can’t hit a straight lick with a crooked stick, and you’re about as crooked as they come. Oh! Now, this right here, this used to be my favorite. See how it’d been drawn up three sizes? You grew three sizes. Just like you outgrowed your life. It was like you had a hole in your stomach, or maybe even a worm, and you weren’t gonna stop till you ate up everything around ya. You got to fill that hole yourself, sweetheart. Nothing or nobody else will fill it. Yeah. Uh-huh, yeah. Yeah. They still fit. Now Games You done heard the rest.

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