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Tale Of The Number

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  • Tale Of The Number

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    I will show you God and Hold tight, don’t let go Leave you whores Bastards Leave Or I will tell your deepest darkest secrets I will tell what you have been doing with yourhusbands at night I will tell everything you’ve been saying behind each other’s backs I will lay all yourshit bare Don’t listen too him Go Leave Games Don’t listen, hold tight Nurhan. Nurhan. Didn’t you put a curse on your neighbor just because you were jaelous? Whore Didn’t you want herto die Didin’t you? Cemile. Cemile yourhusband will be struck by a car Game They will fınd his bowels and brains underthe tires Game You Your husband Yourhusband is a pervert Does he tell you what he does to whores? Does he? Get out, leave me alone This guy can’t do anything Or I will burn yourhouse down Let go Let go Let go Where is it? There, it went there, check stay back, this could be dangerous. Okay. Let it out. It’s over Games Thanks. Don’t be afraid. It’s okay sister, it’s okay Sister, are you okay? You’re okay, right? Games I’m fine thank you Wiıth the help of God Game Our patient is now cured. Now listen carefully. Don’t do stupid stuff with charms and amulets. Don’t engage in witchcraft. Those who engage in witchcraft will be cursed Game here and in the afterlife. Okay, we are hearing a lot of these cases these days. One in every fıve person is taken overby a jinn. You can get in all sorts of trouble. Accidents, curses, illness. But if there’s someone who knows about these things Game The jinn can’t do anything to you. God has made us strongerthan them. May God keep us away from all that is evil. Amen. Amen. Mr. Faruk has performed his show but I still have things to ask him. Hello. Games Welcome. Hello. How are you? I’m fıne, you? Games Thanks, we are fıne. This is a nice house you have here. Games Yes it is. It is an old Greek house from my grandfather. Very nice. Come in. Thanks. Thanks. All the embroidieries are handmade, aren’t they? All of this is original, we haven’t touched anything.

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