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Target Specific

Target Specific


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Target Specific Description

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Target Specific My parents are still married too. Yeah? Good for them. What? Yeah, when I was a kid I used to wish that they’d get divorced ’cause I was jealous of all my friends who got to have two Christmas’s. Unhunh, hmhm, hmhm. What? You should turn this off. You don’t like this song? Oh, no, I love this song. It’s gonna make me wanna dance. Yes, you should. No. Yes. Trust me. Oh, are you like a bad dancer? Oh, no. No, no, no. I am an epic dancer, but you see game See, if you see me dance you’ll follow me around like a little puppy dog and it’ll be embarrassing for us both. So you have to stay here. For your own safety, trust me on that one. Okay, um game So I would just like to frame the next question in the context that my diet doesn’t normally consist of junk food. And with that in mind hypothetically game Yeah? game if one were to need to make use of a bathroom how might one do that in these special circumstances? Stop smiling. Uh game That’s actually a great question. Are these your creepy neighbors? Are you the creepy neighbor? You’re totally the creepy neighbor. Hey, Mrs. Lopan, it’s Alec. I just really need to borrow your plunger. It’s kind of an emergency. That wouldn’t happen to be their mailbox, would it? Oh, yeah, you know what, they’re probably away for the holidays. You did not just laugh. It’s kind of funny. Do you see this face? This is my panic face. Do we understand? Yeah. Okay. We do. Good. Okay, have no fear. The trusty coat hanger is here to save the day. Aw, shucks, I bet you say that to all the girls. We’re kind of on a clock here. I mean, there’s a plan “b,” but it might sound kind of out there. We are not getting high again. Yes, we are. No, I’m just kidding. The windows of this building, they don’t really work right. So we can go out the window, climb up to the roof go to the other side and then get in through the Lopans’ fire escape. Okay. Maybe just you should do this. I’m not breaking and entering alone! The whole reason we’re doing this is for you. Why do you have that? My grandmother left it to me.

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