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Taxi Driver Adventure

Taxi Driver Adventure


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Taxi Driver Adventure Description

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Taxi Driver Adventure I got to go now Game okay? See. He is a stepbrother ba husband. There’s another one. Keep them under control from day one. Otherwise you will be responsible for them throughout their lives. Go now. He goes to sleep. Let him sleep. This is my wedding night.. His stepbrother took my bed today. Soon, he will take my life Game over my rights. Hey! You guys cry? You are my brave Tigers! In addition, the city will go only two months. Once you take the exams will became very successful lawyer. I will do a lot of money. Do you want legs Raja be treated? Will consult the best doctors Game then it will train and do PhD. It kasno. Pusni me. Shema, let brethren of your care. Care for them. You are their daughter and her mother too. All I want from you f.. when he returned to find them happy. Snahichke we go to school. Go. Will not you give us some breakfast and lunch for later? Do not you see? Make them. Will be late, shahichke. I what to do? Not yet ready. Okey. Nie go now. Send a feed of today uchlishteto in the afternoon. Ella. I feel very hungry. Daughter does not send a food? Must be on the road. Want to eat this? Yes. Go.. eat everything. You will not want to eat? How can I be in this happy family? Count your days. Why? What makes you so sad? There is only one reason you know. I remember! Ramday said Harry loves his brothers. They are not brothers, they are my competitors. Mother! Mother! Forget it! Why fight it? Let me son! Tricks! Are not you ashamed? Get out, okay? Are not you ashamed? I feel as conceived here. I can not carry their burden anymore. Or they will zhivetya here, or me. Shema is not nice for you to so angry. Coolie! Coolie! Sir, can I ppogrizha for your luggage? Can you? Sure. Okay? Let’s go. This son Game well. Be careful! Here for you. Give me that for paise! Okay. How did you got them? Who gave them to you? Tell me! The man. Cast in January I said throw it! Look, do not touch food Radzha. Nikoga given by strangers. While I’m with you they will eat throughout their lives. Bravo, my boy! Bravo! You yourself are you both?

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