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The Best Fog Fall Time

The Best Fog Fall Time


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The Best Fog Fall Time Description

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I said freeze! HANDCUFF CLICKS INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER I think next time we have to do an explosion, let’s just do your idea with the animation. DOOR CLOSES BANDER: Officers say they found marijuana and an open container of alcohol in the truck. Not to mention the improvised explosive device, the detonation of which is technically an act of domestic terrorism. You got anything to say for yourself? Everything that happened was my fault. The marijuana smokings, the bad drinks. Those were mine. The explosion stuff, too. Nobody else should get in trouble. Where did you get the bear mask? I stole it. You stole it? I’m sorry to you. And I’m very sorry to America. SIGHS I watched the tapes. What tapes? The Bear show. Several episodes. Which ones? I don’t know. Quite a few. There was one where he met a wizard under a waterfall and learned multiplication. Oh, that That’s one of those for kids. I mean it was for me I guess. When I was a kid Yeah. I get the gist. They really did a number on you, didn’t they? I was just making Brigsby. We’re not here to talk about Brigsby, James. This is about you. And we want you to recognize this chance you have right now, to embrace a new start. So, what does that mean? It means putting Brigsby aside and moving on with the rest of your life. So, what, just forget about him? James, I know that this is hard, but there is a bigger world out there than you even know. And it’s filled with so many amazing and wonderful things. Yeah, remember, like Gordo from Hockey High. But I don’t care about that stuff. I already know that Brigsby’s the greatest hero and when everything’s against him he never gives up. Even if it’s hopeless. He’s my whole life. GREG: CHUCKLES Your whole life, huh? How about your whole life we have been out there looking for you? For years. I’m sorry. But these monsters stole you from us. And they destroyed us. Can you understand that? Huh? You don’t know anything about Brigsby. At all. And you never will. SNIFFLES SIGHS Can I get you something to drink? Sir? Yes.

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