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The Best Strategy2

The Best Strategy2


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The Best Strategy2 Description

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The Best Strategy2 I don’t hate you. Damn it. I don’t hate you either. Oh, my god. Your hair looks like . I don’t care. I do. It was rape, all right? I swear to god. She tricked my into a boner. Shut up. All right. All done. How does it look? Mm game mmHmm, mmHmm. Awesome. Yeah. I want to go somewhere. Looking like that? Just kidding. Not really. Oh, my god! What did you do? Something pretty stupid, But it was worth it. Wow, what made you do all this? Well, if we didn’t throw a party, How would Joel get laid? Oh, yeah. Where is that Face? He’s in the back room getting a lot of SDTs. I’m sorry, what? Oh, baby, you’re so ing hot. Well, not really, But I have a lot of issues. Ah! hole, here I come. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay, quick question, And let me know if this is, like, totally out of line, But it’s always been a dream of mine. Is there any way I could come on your tits? Duhzeez. Oh, those are so much better than my mom’s. That is honestly game the nicest thing any guy has ever said to me. This is totes our Rachel Mcadams Ryan gosling notebook moment. God damn it, you’re y. I know. Hey, we don’t really got another place to go And I know you don’t want to sleep alone So take me home tonight So I hit her with a Oh, I know we don’t got another place to be Come on. I don’t dance. Oh, only in your living room? Okay, well, that’s very, very different. OhHoHo, come on. It’s It’s perfect. Okay, okay, fine, fine. Now that I’ve got you I won’t let you go No, no, no, no Now that I’ve got you I won’t let you go To keep the light on, honey Is the least that I can do If I keep running back to you Hi, sweetie. Dad, I’m sorry. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. This is perfect. And all my childhood dreams Never turns out the way that they’re supposed to be I don’t want to live a day past Sorry, but the world does not need to know How I feel every second of every day. Call me crazy, but I think That as soon as we comment on the present, We kind of lose it forever. And the present is where things happen. Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes it’s glorious.

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