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The brave knight

The brave knight


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The brave knight Description

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The brave knight Get in, I’ll give you a lift, Please, Here, wipe your face, Have you got a wife? No, I’ll go to the john, Excuse me, Marcin, What is it? Nothing, Everything’s all right, It’s going great, That’s good, That’s very good, So,? Let’s have a drink, It’s a great honor for me, Thanks, I won’t drink, No, Just a little bit, Wort you drink to our becoming acquainted? I’m a decent man, At present, Here, Janek, Marcin, Janek, Iwona, Iwona? Beautiful name, Beautiful woman, It’s stuffy in here? Shall we go out to the balcony? They told us not to open the windows, We’ll get some fresh air, I’ll change the position of the camera, Great, Let’s switch to the armchairs, The chair is too hard on my ass, Yankee, shit, they came out to the balcony, Keep calm, Observe them. What’re they doing? Nothing, Talking, Hi, honey, We haven’t finished yet, We are sitting with Marcin, talking, Is Kasia sleeping? Give her my kisses, Tell her I love her, Bye, Getting back to work? Yes, Now, that I understand, Just a moment, I’ll pin in the mic, You smell nice, Ready, Rolling, Why did Sikora, the police choose you, Ask them, Sikora had Sarnecka’s confessions against you, So? Nothing, Son of the bitch, was waiting for something more. He’s a patient and systematic pig. He was sniffing, pondering until he found my weakest spot. three, four, Hop! Dad, what grades did you have? Were you a good student? Dad was an honors student, He always got a “Six”, The best grade then was a “five”, Really? Dad, take me in your arms, All right, Come here, You told me only if I get a “Six” and never a “One”, then you’ll get me two dolls, I told you that? Really? Okay, Which ones do you like? I like this one and that one, But that one more, ‘Cause it’s prettier, Daddy? Daddy! Dad! Dad! Let’s go, Kasia, You’re looking at her, thinking about her. You think, I don’t see it? I can’t forgive myself, that I let it happen, that our daughter lives in such a lie. I want you to quit all this, What’s all? Thugs, their business, Everything, Jas, Jas, Jas, let’s leave this place, quit everything

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