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The Farm Account

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    Beautiful. Hello. Games Hello, welcome Sorry to bother you. Games Not at all, come in. Thanks. Ms. Rest a little bit and then you can start fıIming. Welcome, again. Games Hello. Mr. Faruk I’ll set up the cameras now. Of course, do whatever you want. Games Okay, thank you. Mr. Faruk, what had happened to that woman yesterday? Now, out of nowhere, she began to be scared of water. She couldn’t bathe or clean Game She was fıIthy and began threatening everyone. Didn’t she see a doctor? Games The meds he prescribed made herworse. Who said that? Games She, herfamily Game And they had heard of us so we helped. Games I understand. Mr. Faruk, what exactly did you do yesterday? Have we started, is this how it’s going to go? Yes, we’ve started Game You will tell me and show me and I’m going to fıIm it. Now look doctor. Games You can call me . So , you will fıIm these and then what? Wiill you show yourprofessors at the school? This is a test research, we will choose a case A person annoyed by a jinn? You will call it a jinn, I will call it something else. Whatever. In the end, you will bring me a patient the doctors couldn’t cure. And you will want me to cure him? Games Something like that. Okay. Let’s say that I cured the worst patient in a couple of days and you recorded that Game What will happen? Games What do you mean? WiıII you accept? Games Accept what? The existance of jinns. Games This will be a scientific research. Forgive my ignorance doctor but don’t scientifıc tests yield results? Of course, but only scientists can evaluate these results. Fine. So be it. Now tell me about yesterday’s event. I have doubts. You have doubts? Didn’t you see the state she was in? I did. So she came to us and we cured her. She also went to a psychiatrist and they gave her meds. Did you have anything to do with that? How so? Games Mr. Faruk, it was you who called me yesterday. Games That’s correct. Maybe you knew her and you called her Game and you set the stage.

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