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The Great Cave 3

The Great Cave 3


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The Great Cave 3 Description

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The Great Cave 3 did you lose weight? No, no, she didn’t. Whoo. So you really think Janie’s gonna hook it up? Hell yeah. She gave me her word. Finally gonna get to game see some areolas Ugh. What, is it Scott again? Yeah, he’s at shareef’s. He just wanted to let me know. So, what, you’re just gonna ignore him? After I go back to school tomorrow, It’s gonna be like this weekend never even happened. You are a ing idiot. You actually like him. And I don’t know if you know this, But you hate everyone, Like, everyone. You hate my grandma, And she baked you a birthday cake, And she has alzheimer’s. Ow! Who’s that? Joel, I got to go. All right, bye, . Dad turned my room into a gym. Oh, I thought you were setting up a trap to kill me. Wow, I actually never thought about doing that. Weird. So, why did you leave your engagement party? Did everyone get explosive diarrhea And have to go home? No, why would that happen? Uh, I don’t know. I mean, big punchbowl, no one guarding it. Things happen. No, I just needed a break. I mean, I love the family, But sometimes they drive me crazy. You know what I mean? Yes. Oh, my god, I related to a solid half of that statement. So why aren’t you at shareef’s party? Wait, how do you even know about that? Sixth sense. Don’t you mean, like, a fifth game You know, never mind. Too easy. I mean, you know that Scott likes you. Well, you know, that’s too bad, Because I don’t like him. Yes, you are full of . Okay, fine, I like him. But you know what? It’s complicated. He’s complicated. Actually, you know what, he’s simple. He’s far too simple, And so scared of everything. I mean, I was so close to fixing him. He was so ing close to being game Just like you. With a ! He’s not your project, Tori. You can’t force him to be something he isn’t. You just have to accept him for who he is. Oh, my god, how do you accept Gil? I drink a lot. I’m actually not even blind. I’m just in a constant state of blackout drunkness. God, we have far more in common that I thought. I always knew you were gonna grow up to be beautiful,

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