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The Process Of Splitting Time

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  • The Process Of Splitting Time

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    The Process Of Splitting Time Description

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    as you put it Games will soon be obsolete on the marketplace. I hate to say this, but your research is incomplete. If you had found the cure, you wouldn’t have been attacked after you took it. But you were, weren’t you? Not that it matters. No, you and your vaccine will soon be out of time. Tomorrow, the world will be a different place. LEON: Arias is planning something big. Patricio knew way too much about it. And that’s why he was killed. REBECCA: I know what happened. They came to kill you Games but killed everyone you loved instead. It was your wedding day. ARIAS: The day time stopped for me. That’s Sara. My wife. You look so much like her. It’s not a coincidence that we met. It’s fate. Wait. Where are you going with this? I’m redoing the wedding. This time with you. I’ll rewrite the past. Rebecca Games meet Sara. We’re going to be so happy. BOTH GRUNTING ARIAS SOBBING On second thought Games I’m going to replace your arm with Sara’s. Maybe that will change your mind about me. CHRIS: He’s gonna use the trigger virus on New York? That’s what it looks like. He’s out of his mind. “If the outbreak is deemed uncontrollable Games tanks labeled with a green A contain the vaccine and are ready to deploy. Location classified.” All we have to do is find that stuff and we can change everyone back. Like flipping a safety switch. But if you were Arias, where would you keep it? Someplace he can get to fast. Someplace secure. His hideout in New York. CHRIS: I bet we’ll find Rebecca there too. We need to expedite the release. MARIA: We’re set for morning rush hour. I have a feeling the BSAA will be heading our way Games so we need that countermeasure. You’re planning another attack. I’m planning our future. Our time starts now. “Our”? Yes. With the last of my remaining friends Games we will begin our new life together. KEYBOARD CLACKING MARIA: It’s time. Dad. Wish me luck. GRUNTING COUGHING GROWLS Unh! Oh, my God. Alex. Alex. I’ll call the ambulance. PEOPLE SCREAMING Not now, goddamn it. ALEX SNARLS AND WOMAN SCREAMS Everybody

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