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Thomas In Mexico Big Time

Thomas In Mexico Big Time


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PLAYED : 1934

Thomas In Mexico Big Time Description

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Okay! What odor pellets do we got? Okay, we have fish smell, Locker room, road kill… Mm-hmm. Fart plain, fart stale, Dead dog. Dead dog! And locker room! Oh, boy. Whoo! Ugh! Ah, ! Dead dog, dead dog! Blech! Leon, you son of a ! Tina, go! Oh, god! I look like a snow cone. Shape up, soldier. ♪ Saturday night at the movies ♪ ♪ who cares what picture you see… ♪ Voilà! ♪ When you’re hugging with your baby ♪ ♪ in the last row of the balcony? ♪ Okay, hit it! ♪ Saturday night ♪ ♪ at the movies… ♪ I like it! ♪ Who cares what picture you see ♪ Vroom! Stop it. Vroom. So, what are we gonna do with the rest of this stuff, huh? Dr. M said to store everything back here until after the Horrorthon. Hello, what do we have here? “Warning, do not open.” He didn’t say anything about a film. Why does it have a warning sticker on it? It’s probably a nitrate print. Old movies were filmed on stock that was highly flammable. Yeah, sometimes they used to explode when exposed to the air. Knowledge entails risk. Boom! What is it? I don’t know. It doesn’t look very long. Wanna run it and find out? Why not? Oh, must be a private eye flick. Yuck, get the Visine. We got a great cinematic mind at work here. Yeah, eat your heart out, Spielberg. I think this is funny. Nice nose. I am the possessor. The possessor, the possessor, the possessor. You said that. I am the possess… The possess… Dossgss… dossgss… Oh, no, he’s gonna do it. I don’t believe it. Yes. He’s gonna dolly up his nose. Yes, yes. Come into… My head. I’d rather not, thanks. Come into my head. Come into… My head. She’s coming to. Are you okay, Mag? Yeah, Mag, how many fingers I got up? Will you move back and let the girl breathe? What? I’m okay. What was that movie? Whatever it is, it bites the big one. No, no, no, really, what was it? I need to know. I don’t know, but if it’s that scary, maybe we should show it in the Horrorthon. Well, I’m not sure of all the facts, but it’s called “Possessor”. It was made by a guy named Lanyard Gates. He was, like, the head guru of this film cult back in the ‘s.

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