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Time settings


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Time settings Driver, bring the car Game Excuse me sir Game Come in Mayera. Sir is the Dubai position still open? You’ve taken too long silly Game Dubai office has already got someone. Trust me I don’t like that moron one bit. I wanted you there Mayera. But he’s joining next week, if you can go before that Game Can you leave tonight? The travel desk will arrange the visa.. Absolutely sir Perfect! I say go there, work for a week do your magic If you are able to convince them there, I’ll get all the approvals here. And once you get the appointment in Dubai, come back over the weekend to shift base properly. What say? I say Thank you thank you so much sir. But for now, just keep this to yourself Game you are going on a regular assignment. What about Mohit? Mohit is history. What’s going on? Hello sir Game I’m Nawab Master Game the driving instructor Game I have a second hand business as well Game just yesterday I sold Mohit sir’s car at a top price Game Call me if you have anything. Mohit?! Dude You sold your car! What’s going on!? Ok so all accounts have been settled now Game Where are you going? They’re sett

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