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Tio 1-1

Tio 1-1


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Tio 1-1 Description

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Tio 1-1 I personal information to anyone other than the police. So, provided you’re not a cop, is there anything else I can help you with today? Nope. It’s not just a show for kids. Anybody can get into it. You know, it’s for anybody who cherishes friendship, adventure. There’s this one character, her name is applejack, she’s my favorite. She’s such a fireplug. She kind of reminds me of you, actually. I think I lost you there. Excuse me? Hello? I’m just going to put this out here, but you’re kind of a game ing terrible conversationalist. I don’t know if game if ever game I think it’s because you are so game game captivating. I am just intimidated as game game whoo. Oh, no, there’s nothing to be scared of. Excuse me. No, no, no, please, please. Godammit! Okay, yeah, all right, great. Son of a mother game ing game Mother game ing son of a game ing game game ! And now is the moment you’ve all been waiting for game Whoo! Megan. Long time no see. It’s Ben. From bio class? How are you here? Do you know Faiza? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m good buddies with Cedric. We’re going to get more booze. Have fun you two! You! You are the dumb, pretty guy! Oh game Uh, thank you? Mhhmm. I was supposed to bang you. This is the universe correcting itself game oops. So where’d you decide on med school? Just a surprise, I got into both my top choices but now I’m simply just trying to decide. It’s a big decision and game and obviously my dad has opinions game Megan, Megan? You know, it’s just game Shh, shh game Police! Megan? Megan, right? Any noise complaints go to Faiza or to Cedric, because this is their apartment now. Actually they’re asking for you specifically. What’s up, dog? Megan Pagano? You wanna step in the hall with us? Why? Officers found this in the Lopans’ bathroom. You don’t understand. This guy is a psychopath. He’s setting me up! He is setting this whole thing up! Which I realize is exactly what a crazy person would say but that explains my situation. He is so crazy that he is forcing me to sound crazy. Do you see what he’s doing?

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