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Toilet find

Toilet find


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Toilet find Description

Toilet find, Toilet find Games, Play Toilet find Games

Toilet find But you used to meet them, Only on business, Quite efficient room service here, Here you go, Thank you, Don’t be so tight, I’m a lawabiding citizen, We are in the same boat, Hold on, Yes, I am now a quiet, lawabiding citizen, Now, I even stop at the yellow lights, The drivers behind me keep honking, Don’t know, who they’re honking at, And who are they honking at? Just a moment, Our main meeting spot was the bar “At Hammer’s” in Brwinow. Here we talked business, , organised weddings, christenings, wakes, birthday parties. Jas, half an hour and we’ll go back as you promissed, Honey, just relax a little, What did you dress like that for? You told me to look elegant, Mira, meet Cyga, Good evening, Cyga spends all his money on clothes, Just half an hour, For you everything, my darling, Malgosia? Will you give me your phone number? Steal it from somebody else, That’s our sensitive boy, Hello, gentlemen, This purple clod is the famous Cyga, Cyga, say hello, Meet Mr, Fast, He’s the most important here, Fast, it’s my man, Cyga, You’ve met Mr, Preacher, With him you’d better not misuse the name of God, Oh, , You know Mr, Hammer, as well, Watch out for him, He’s a nervous man, And very strict, Remember, you moron, that the bosses are first to give you five, And only when you deserve it, He’s a simple boy, has no manners, And Rysiek has some celebration today, He just turned Rysiek, Thank you, He’s kidding, I just turned , regrettably, Watch out, Pikus may bite off your leg, Pikus is Hammer’s dog, but it’s ashamed of him, Why, Pikus? He’s such a beautiful master, Take it away, Take it, I hate it, Gotta take care of it, while my mother is gone, Nice dog, Hammer is bad, and Rysiek is good, Rysiek is good, And Mr, Edgy you know him already, Don’t be afraid, these old guys are not so bad, They are worse, Leave it, He’ll learn the rules, He’s got time, If he’s got enough of it, Some people run out of time very fast, Cyga, we’ve got some business to do and you order some drinks on me, Whatever this redneck wants,

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