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Toilet Time

Toilet Time


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Toilet Time Description

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Toilet Time What is happening to me? I am going backwards! I am Benjamin buttoning! He moved on, so what, so can you. I say take a cab home, get on that dating site, pick a cute guy. No drinks, no dinner, just a hookup. You can’t order it, it’s not edible arrangements! Uh, yeah, you can. You have tits and the Internet. Cedric, back me up. Internet, tits. Mmhmm. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Go get them, tiger, you got this game mwah. Right? Ah game Nope. Okay. game it. He moved on, so can I. Hey game Keeping it lowercase. Keeping it casual. Really?! Okay game come on. The bar is so low, it’s so very low. I sound like a computer virus. Awesome. Okay. Do you want to hang out? Wait! Oh, shit. Safety first. Hey, there. Oh man, I was game I was just so sure that I was gonna see a closeup of a penis. Um, yeah, me too. Wow, you are really pretty. Really pretty. Uh, anyway, so this is me. Soak it in, um, and this is my apartment. As you can see, it’s a magical wonderland. So do I pass the test or game Um, yes, I think so. I’ve actually game I’ve never done this before. Me neither. No, no, no, no, like I know game I know that people say that, but I really game I haven’t, nothing. I know, me either. Oh, good, um game Okay, well, I guess then I will see you soon? That is awesome. I mean, that is cool, sweet, I will game that will be a very nice thing to happen, Megan. I will see you soon. Okay. Okay, bye. I cannot believe I am schlepping to Brooklyn for a Booty call. That is game ing scandalous. I don’t think it shut off right. No, no, the TV. Is that a game is that a burglar alarm? Did you sleep with your coat on? Yeah, I get cold. Get the intruder! Alarm reset. False alarm. Oh, that’s so weird. It’s a bummer that it woke us up though, but I should get going. Um game I had a great time, thank you. It’s, um, perfect for what I needed, so game Awesome. Ambitious. That’s some alarm you got there. Yeah, I don’t even remember even setting it game For :. Weird. Uh, morning, Megan. Good morning, Alex. It’s Alec, actually. Yeah.

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