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Turbo Robo Adventure

Turbo Robo Adventure


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Turbo Robo Adventure Description

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I mean the cousin. Not him! Ups. A second moment here, big fella. Now, I know you want to please me, but next time.. Before you kill someone. Should we have a signal, maybe? Like, something like that? Like, signal? Like that? A signal like that? Like that? Yes. kill. That’s the signal. Yes. That’s the signal. Your highness. Get her down. Finally. Beautiful bride has arrive. Hello, my love. How are you? Tired from your long trip. Need a hot bath? Stay there! A hunk of milk, maybe? Hold! Soon, my love. Soon. You and me. Let’s move! You and me! Go! Go! Call the tailor for fitting! What are you doing? It’s gonna rain. There’s no cloud. Not all rain come from cloud. Oh my God! Oh my God! Look at this! What the hell is going on? He wants me dead. So they know we are here? They know we’re somewhere around here. So they’re just keep shooting arrows everywhere and hope to get lucky. We called it the morning shower. Why don’t you wake me up? I could been dead. If I want you dead, I will do it myself. You have to learn to listen.

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