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Vampire Slayer Fast Adventure

Vampire Slayer Fast  Adventure


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Vampire Slayer Fast Adventure Description

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I dipped into my emergency savings fund. Thanks. It’s not much, but let’s not lose dignity. Should we use steak knives? That’s not funny. Should we grill this? Just eat. Look, you and this girl have the same name. But her last name isn’t Cha. Missing child Lee Hye-ji Hurry up and drink. I’ll drink it later. I’m not thirsty. I find you guys so easily. But I may not find her in this lifetime. Missing child Lee Hye-ji Ma’am! I’m here. Look at this house! Cassettes, matches… They’re all antiques! This place is such a mess… It already looks like moving day. A Chinese guy wants to buy this house. I’ll get you times of what it’s worth! times! What if your granddaughter returns? She’ll be so shocked! I’m not selling my house, so don’t come again! Oops… It’s so salty. I guess your kidneys are still healthy. She still has a temper, too. She said she won’t sell the house, so give up. Let’s go catch the boat. I’m heading home, everyone! You’re only strong inside the water. You’re being too stubborn. Think of your age.

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