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Wild Scrat

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  • Wild Scrat

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    Wild Scrat TIRES SCREECH GASPING SCREAMS Cathy! Cathy! GUNSHOT CATHY GASPS Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go. You’re all right. AGENT : We need to go, now! Keep moving! We need to go! The attack is going to happen, Ryan! You can’t stop it. GROANS CONSTANTIN: Jack, we need to get out of here. The police are coming! AGENT : I got her! She’s in! She’s in! She’s in! AGENT : Turn it on! Let’s move! Let’s move! SIREN BLARING SIGHS SOBBING Okay. Here’s what we have. Aleksandr Borovsky, AKA Andrew Bornstein, age . Last known address, in Dearborn, Michigan. SWAT : Move, move, move! Let’s go! SWAT : Going in. Cover my six! FLASHBANG DETONATES MALE CIA AGENT: The location’s burned. They’re up and out recently. MALE FBI AGENT: They leave anything? Ashes and melted plastic. CHANG: FBI was tipped that he might be a sleeper agent. JACK: A sleeper agent who was handpicked. STAMMERS This guy was groomed for it. This is personal. Wait a minute. Cherevin’s son. What? JACK: Last night, Cherevin mentioned something about his son having died. What if he didn’t? MALE ANALYST: Crossreferencing Moscow hospital records, coroner’s reports. Got it! Aleksandr Cherevin, age nine. Apparently died in a drowning accident, June . Cherevin’s own signature is on the certificate. Aleksandr Borovsky entered the country in ‘ with his parents. Aleksandr Cherevin, age nine, and Aleksandr Borovsky, age nine. MALE ANALYST: They’re the same kid. He took a cash advance of $,. JACK: And then he went black? MALE ANALYST: Right. By now, he could be anywhere. Hey, Al. Where you been? You in some kind of shit? FBI was crawling all over here yesterday looking for you. Wait. The guy knew that the FBI made his phone. He would dump it, right? He’d dump it. Michigan Bell. Is there a listing near his house? Bear with me. TYPING Offsite delivery? JACK: There’s a way into him, I know it. We just got to find it. All right, drive safe. JACK: That fake death certificate, pull it up again. Cherevin couldn’t do this alone. That second signature right there. MALE ANALYST: The attending physician,

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