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Woodwork Builder Balance

Woodwork Builder Balance


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Woodwork Builder Balance Description

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Woodwork Builder Balance What happened, Anand? Babumushai. didn’t I tell you I’d meet Murarilal someday? I’ve found him. Murarilal, this is Dr. Bhaskar I live with him. Jaichand and I are childhood friends. He was always naughty. His name is not Jaichand but Anand. My name is not Murarilal but Issa bhai. Issabhai Suratwala. Remember me? I hope your name is Bhaskar. Yes. Teacher, where are you going? I was looking for you. You were splendid. Let’s have tea. I can’t. I have my rehearsals today. Rehearsals? Yes, I own a drama company. We hold shows. Give me a role. I can act a little too. I’ve seen your acting just now. Let’s go. Babumushai, take care of her. I’m going to the drama company. Shall I leave? Did you really come to meet Anand? Yes, I had planned to meet him too. You met him. What about me? Sit with me for sometime. Don’t you have to go to work? It’s a half hour job. I’ll do it anytime. No, finish your work. I’ll wait for you here. Hello, Panditji. Please be seated. Shall we rehearse? Yes, we shall. But the mood is not created like this. It’s an Urdu drama; wear your costumes. Rajni, are you ready? Yes I am. Very good. Play the tape. Where’s my turban? Your Excellency. I’m ashamed. Inspite of being a prince Game You are in love with an ordinary girl. Father, if she’s ordinary Game come a little further. If you can tell me someone better than her Game I can, but I can’t give the permission to go there Game I understand, father I’m ashamed to have given birth to a son like you. It’s every man’s duty to be ashamed of his errors. Quiet, you fool. I’ll bury you alive. You bet. You can bury me but not keep me alive. Why didn’t you die the day you were born? Life and death is in the hands of God your Excellency. Neither can you change it nor I. We are just puppets on a string Game and the strings are pulled by Him. When, who and how it can be pulled one can never tell. Splendid! You were great. Fine, now let’s have a tea break. How did you like it? Wonderful. Who? What who? What did you mean? I asked you about the rehearsal.

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