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    But Ms. , my mother’s food is very tasty. Games Some othertime Game Thank you but we should get going. This is the patient I told you about, we are going to Muğla. DURAN. May you have a safe journey, son. Games Mother. So did you get involved in this jinn business in Adana ordid it start in Bursa? It all started when i was a kid. Are there any others in yourfamily that engage in exorcism? No, this is not about family. Let’s not get into these things but it began when I was a kid. There is something called lending a hand. Lending a hand? What is it exactly? Think of it this way, you learn from a mentorand start applications. In exchange fora fee? Games No fee. Really? Games At least in my case. But this is not true for others in yourprofession. Ms. , look around you, there are all sorts of people. Where exactly are we going? We are going to Kıbledere village. It is just kiometers from here. I don’t know the roads very well, I left here when I was little. I will stop and ask Refıka fordirections. Refika? The mother of our patient. Let me give her a call. Hello. Refıka, this is . Yes dear. We are almost there but we’re a bit lost. I passed that. Yes. But I didn’t turn to the Köyceğiz road. I made the wrong turn but now I know where we’re going. There is a house up ahead. Games Yes. Shall we ask? Games Let’s ask. Hello Hello, welcome. Games Hello, sorry to bother you It’s okay. Games Hello We will go all the way down that road. What is it with all the cameras. We are conducting a research about kıbledere village. Turn off the cameras, turn them off. Games Faruk. We’re recording. You say you spent yourchildhood here but you don’t recognize anything you’re right. Didn’t you see that man? First he was nice to us and then he tried to beat us. This is a very suspicious place. Ms. , should we go back to Muğla. Can you ask the jinns for directions. They must be looking forus right now. How so? This area is a great place for jinns and demons.

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