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Zomboy Time 4

Zomboy Time 4


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Zomboy Time 4 Description

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Zomboy Time 4 Ma’am game Did you, or did you not, break in through the window of Mr. and Mrs. Lopan’s apartment? You, um game You got a little game Some game Okay, got it. Pretty. Which one of you is Megan Pagano? You made bail. Wait, that’s game that’s impossible. I haven’t even made a phone call yet. She can do that? She can refuse my bail? Are you serious? Okay, look, I just game I need to talk to her. You can only visit during visiting hours, and if, and only if, the person wants to see you. Which I’m gonna guess she doesn’t, being that she would rather remain locked in jail than see your face. Wow game rude. Uh, okay, well, what if I told you that I helped her break into that apartment? Then would you lock me up with her? Yeah, that’s how police stations work. Are you being sarcastic? Are you serious? I need to talk to her! Oh, okay then. Five, four, three, two, one! Happy new year! How about these two? Are they special enough to post your bail? Oh my God, what happened? Just take me home. Here. Hey. Who is that? I’m sorry. But I didn’t know your last name. What was I supposed to do? Literally anything but this! Okay, you’re upset, but, Megan, you felt something and I felt something. What I felt was Stockholm syndrome. Hey, hey, I can’t let you walk out another door without listening to me. Why are you doing this? You have a girlfriend. That’s over now. Look, Megan, hey, let me explain. I should have told you about her, and there were times last night I wanted to tell you about her and I should have, but there was other times last night that I forgot that other people even existed. And I know that sounds stupid, ’cause your friends are staring at me like my game ing dick is hanging out. I’m sorry, it was funny. Sir? Okay, let’s wrap this up. The cop’s not happy, let’s keep the cop happy. Megan? You put me in jail! I’m sorry. For like criminals! He’s got about five seconds before he finds out firsthand. Okay, fine, game , shit. Uh, look, not directed at you, and not directed at you. Look, I messed up. I messed up,

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